Last updated - 14th November 2020

Price List

Oxford Gliding Club is always happy to arrange additional reciprocal agreements with other gliding clubs. If you'd like to explore this possibility on behalf of your club, please contact our secretary by clicking below.

Launch failures are charged at half the current winch launch price, but are charged at full price for daily members.

Soaring fees in club gliders are charged up to a maximum of two hours, and additional time is free.

Oxford University Gliding Club members fly with Junior launch and soaring rates. These fees are paid to OUGC.

Other Fees

Off-site hire fees

Any member wishing to hire a club glider to use off-site must apply to the committee in advance of the date it is required. Any hire agreement is at the discretion of the committee and CFI, and the stated fee is charged regardless of whether the aircraft is flown or not.

Please note: these fees are not applicable to those wanting to use club aircraft at RAF Weston-on-the-Green (WOG). See the "soaring fees" for aircraft hire at WOG

Non-Flying fees.

Any member wishing to keep a glider and trailer at OGC must apply to the committee having gained permission from the CFI. There is no hanger space for non-club aircraft available at OGC.

All other requests for items or activities outlined above should be directed to the committee in the first instance.

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Oxford Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and we fully support the promotion of and participation in the sport of gliding. If you want to fly with us but are concerned about the cost, contact our membership secretary.

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