Annual Subscription Rates

Provisional (1st year) Membership £425.00

Full Membership £375.00

Junior Membership (under 18 years of age) £90.00

Student Membership (under 25 and in full-time education)

Country Membership (those who live more than 100 miles away) £205.00

Family Membership (partner of full member at same address) £205.00

Associate Membership (non-flying) £10.00

Flying Fees

Flying fees are broken into a fixed charge for the winch launch and a per minute charge if flying a club glider. 

Concessionary junior and student rates are shown in brackets.

There is no additional charge for instruction which is generously provided for free by our British Gliding Association qualified volunteer instructor team. 


2-seat gliders £11.50 (£8.50)

1-seat gliders £10.50 (£7.50)

Per minute charge for use of club gliders

2-seat gliders £0.50 (£0.40)

1-seat gliders £0.40 (£0.30)

Facility Fees

Caravan £210 / year

Glider trailer £210 / year

Workshop hire £55 / up to 2 days

Trailer facility fee includes workshop hire.

Private Hire

Club gliders are available for private hire with CFI and Committee approval. 

2-seat gliders £50 / day 

1-seat gliders £25 / day

Daily rate includes flying fees and is charged each day the glider is reserved for private use.

Community Amateur Sports ClubOxford Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club. If you are on state benefits or have a modest income you may still be able to join the club and take part in all our activities at a special rate. Gliding is one of the least expensive forms of aviation, mainly because all our members contribute their time for free and help out with the day to day jobs that enable the club to operate. We have no paid staff and even our team of skilled instructors and inspectors work for free. If you are not able to afford the rates above but still keen to join our club, please enquire with our Membership Secretary.