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Junior Gliding

So, what is gliding all about?

Gliding is the art and science of flying unpowered aircraft, staying aloft by taking advantage of rising air from thermals, hills and mountains. There are many forms of gliding; soaring, hang-gliding and paragliding for example.


At Oxford Gliding Club (OGC) we fly fixed wing gliders, training on aircraft made of both traditional materials and sleek fibreglass machines.

You can go solo at age 14 – imagine soaring across the rolling English countryside at 3000ft, years before your friends can even start to learn to drive! Gliders are also capable of aerobatics, and there are several instructors at the club who teach loops and chandelles.


Sounds great, but isn't it expensive?

Gliding is one of the cheapest forms of flying! At OGC we offer two forms of membership for younger pilots:

‘Student’ membership: Available to any person under the age of 25 and brings with it big discounts on membership and reduced flying fees.


'Junior' Membership: This category offers an even bigger reduction in membership costs, and is available to anyone aged 16 or younger.

Our full list of prices is available here. Bursaries from national bodies such as The Air League and the Royal Aero Club Trust are also available.

I want to join, how would I do that?

Your first port of call would be our membership secretary, who can be contacted at

Your membership will need to be approved by our Junior

Co-ordinator and Membership Secretary. The membership lasts one year and will need to be re-approved each year.

Whilst we're entirely realistic about young adults, we do expect young pilots to understand and obey the club rules. You'll be guided through these rules when you join, but this is a vital condition of membership here at OGC.

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More info about Junior Gliding at OGC:

Our Young Pilot Information Sheet covers all aspects of junior gliding at OGC

If you've still got some questions about OGC, or even gliding in general, feel free to contact us at

We have a robust set of child protection policies based upon British Gliding Association standards, with operational procedures in place to ensure compliance.

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