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Learning to Fly

With over 75 years of experience teaching people to fly, we can provide high quality instruction to each and every ab-initio pilot. OGC's instructors are all trained and qualified volunteers, donating their time and teaching to the club to help you get solo. Their passion for aviation is infectious and they all want you to be the best pilot you can be.

Flight operations are managed on the airfield by our members. Everyone gets stuck in and learns not only how to fly, but how to run an airfield, drive the winch and launch aircraft. You'll be encouraged to become involved as soon as you join.

Comprehensive Training Fleet

All of our members have access to a varied fleet of two K21s, one K13 and one DG-505 training aircraft. These allow you to develop your flying skills across a range of different aircraft.

High Winch Launches

With launches up to 2000ft from our powerful winch, even on non-soarable days you'll still have time to work through BGA exercises prior to joining the circuit and landing.

Fantastic Atmosphere

Our club is made by our members. We're all volunteers and love what we do. The launch point is a great place to catch up with friends and chat with like-minded people.

Regular Socials

Throughout the summer, we often have barbecues to share stories with one another. We also hold parties throughout the year to celebrate various points in the gliding calendar.

Why Choose OGC?

OGC is a friendly and affordable club located at Weston on the Green in Oxfordshire, just off J9 of the M40, in D129. Our central location combined with one of the largest grass fields in the UK, makes OGC perfect for members looking to enjoy longer flights and versatile cross-country flying. Our Dyneema equipped winch is capable of launches over 2,000 feet, even in light winds, and the large airfield allows for a set-up in any direction with easy un-restricted circuit planning.


We are primarily a weekend club as we share the airfield with RAF parachute training who operate mid-week. We can however operate whenever there is no RAF activity. There can be occasions when due to increased RAF parachuting activity, our operation can be restricted during the weekends, however these occasions are rare and forecast in advance. We have a good relationship with the RAF and even on those occasions can often work around the drop schedule to launch gliders on task

Our purpose-built hangar is adjoined to the clubhouse with excellent facilities for social events and flight planning. We have a very well-equipped glider workshop available to private owners. The surrounding grounds are utilised for trailer and caravan parking, so members can keep their aircraft on site. There is a caravan parking area with allocated spaces for sixteen caravans and a camping ground for tents and camper vans.


We are a social club. Summer evenings are normally spent with a tasty barbeque around a bonfire. There is a provision for non-flying membership so weekends at OGC are family friendly occasions.


We usually have at least one expedition a year. Ridge and wave sites are popular in the spring and autumn, with regular trips to Talgarth, Denbigh and further afield to Scotland and the Alps. OGC has something for everyone from the social local soarer to the keen cross-country explorer.

Price List

Last updated: 10/10/2022

Provisional (1st year) Membership £390.00
Full Membership £340.00
Country Membership (those who live more than 100 miles away) £190.00
Family Membership (partner of full member at same address) £190.00
Student Membership (under 25 and in full-time education) £190.00
Junior Membership (under 16 years of age) £80.00
Associate Membership (non-flying) £25.00

Annual Subscription Rates

Rate A = Full, Provisional, Country, Family

(Rate B) = Affiliate, Student, Junior

2-Seat Club Gliders (DG505, K13, T21)
£10.00 (£7.00)
1-Seat Club Gliders (Astir, K8) £9.00 (£6.00)
Private Gliders
£9.00 (£6.00)

Per minute charge for use of Club Gliders
DG505, K21, K13, T21
£0.45 (£0.35)
Astir, K8 £0.35 (£0.25)
Failed Launches (< 4 minutes, charged at full price for temporary members) £5.0 (£3.50)

Winch Launch & Soaring Fees

Further information regarding charges (including Facility Fees, Glider Hire and Reciprocal Arrangements) can be requested by contacting the club.

Other Fees

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