Flight Experiences

We offer a range of experiences to suit any potential pilot.

Depending on the package you choose, the number of winch launches will vary, but with up to 15 minutes in the air per launch, and reach a height of up to 2000 feet in a matter of seconds, there will be plenty of time to achieve your dream.

The experience starts when you arrive at the airfield, you'll be met at the launch point by some of our members, where you'll have the chance to ask any questions you have whilst your aircraft is prepared.

Then you'll meet the instructor who'll take you up into the skies, and you'll be given a thorough pre-flight briefing. Your aims for the flight, be it to take control of the aircraft, or to just look out over the skies of Oxfordshire, will be discussed at this point.

And of course, once you've had a go, you may want to learn to fly with us! Check out this page to see what we can offer you.

Travel back in time and feel the breeze in your hair with our 1951 T21 “Sedbergh” Daisy, an unforgettable open cockpit vintage flying experience. Now with a dedicated experience option, this is ideal for those who want the vintage touch.

For those who want to see what learning to fly is like, this trial flight includes two winch launches, and is ideal for those who want to have a go at flying an aircraft in the skies above Oxfordshire.


From the initial booking to completing my first flight everything was a great experience

With 3 separate winch launches, this is an excellent opportunity for people who want to have a go at learning to fly at one of the best gliding clubs in the UK. For those who want to have a real taste of gliding, you can experience all that OGC has to offer.

This group experience is ideal for a small group of people who want to try flying together. Made up of four flights, this group experience can be split between up to four people in any way you want. Each person will get their own briefing, and their own tailored flight.

The flying start package is ideal for those who want to try gliding out before committing to a fixed price to solo package or normal flying rates. It includes three months of membership to Oxford Gliding Club, with 12 flights included.

Got a larger group?

We also offer Friday and Saturday evening flying for groups of up to 25.

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