The Fleet

Training Aircraft


Our longest serving aircraft, CGO is loved by all who've flown her. She's been with OGC since the 70s  thanks to the efforts of our dedicated inspector team.


Our members have access to two of these Fibre Glass trainers. Designed by Schleicher, they are easy to get to grips with, making them an ideal training glider.

DG505 Elan Orion

Our advanced cross country trainer, the DG505 "JSX" is used to teach advanced flying skills and is equipped with "moving map" GPS devices and flight computers.

T21 "Daisy"

A vintage, British built aircraft, Daisy is an open cockpit aircraft, and summer evenings in this aircraft are pure aviation at it's finest. Special trial flights available.

Solo Aircraft


Similar in handling and feel to the K13, our two K8s are gentle aircraft that are easy for pilots to fly, and offers a friendly platform to develop their solo flying ability.


OGC members have access to two of these higher performance single seaters. Pilots progress onto these aircraft having spent time in the K8.

Our fleet is maintained by our in-house inspector team, who work to the latest British Gliding Association standards. With hundreds of collective years of experience, they know every noise, every measurement and every little detail of all our aircraft. As with all gliders up and down the country, our aircraft are subject to rigorous safety inspections every year.

The gliders themselves are from varying eras of aviation history, and of different types of construction. From carbon fibre to steel tube and fabric. The different construction methods provide different characteristics, with each being perfectly suited to its role in the club.