The Airfield
Airfield History

Our airfield is owned and operated by the RAF, having been the base of numerous historical units and flights. With some of the few remaining pre-RAF buildings located on airfields, it is of paramount importance to us that we take good care of the airfield and the opportunity it provides us.

RAF Weston on the Green was the take off location for the first modern hot air balloon in the UK, the Bristol Belle. The idea was formed by members of Bristol Gliding Club, and comprised of a multinational team. The project came to Weston on the Green as it was the base of Wing Commander Gerry Turnbull, who was to teach the students how to fly.

The launch occurred on the 9th of July 1967, with significant attention from the national media. The balloon went on to take part in other famous flights including flying from HMS Ark Royal to deliver mail to Malta.

Current Use

The airfield is now used by both the RAF, and ourselves at Oxford Gliding Club. The RAF can often be seen flying and

training personnel on the use of parachutes, and the famous RAF parachute display team have been known to practise at the site.

The airfield is situated in the middle of it's own protected airspace, meaning that we have the opportunity to soar up to 7500 feet above the airfield unimpeded. On a day with good visibility, not only can the familiar sights of the city of dreaming spires (Oxford) be seen, but London to the south east and the Cotswold hills to the west can become visible in the distance.

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Oxford Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and we fully support the promotion of and participation in the sport of gliding. If you want to fly with us but are concerned about the cost, contact our membership secretary.

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