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Vintage Glider Experience

This new offering enables you to fly in our vintage, open top and British-built Slingsby T21. With a side by side seating arrangement (different to all other aircraft in our fleet), this glider is one built for thrill seekers and enthusiasts alike, and holds a special place amongst our member's hearts.

With the closest possible link to you and the birds, this aircraft not only lets you experience aviation in it's truest form, but allows you to feel the wind in your face.

Our experienced instructors will take you up and allow you to fly this special piece of aviation heritage, all above one of the oldest airfields in the country.

Please be aware that, due to the recent heavy rain, our airfield is currently water-logged and therefore unserviceable. We hope to resume our normal flying programme towards the end of February. In the meantime, vouchers can be purchased as normal.

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