The flying start package is ideal for those who want to try gliding out before committing to a fixed price to solo package or normal flying rates. It includes three months of membership to Oxford Gliding Club, and 12 flights fully included.


This means that you can have 12 lessons in flying an aircraft, along with membership, launching and aircraft hire fees all for a discounted rate!


We aim to ensure that throughout any experience with Oxford Gliding Club, you get to experience what being a member is like, so you'll also be taught how to launch gliders, retrieve cables and get involved with maintenance of the aircraft. At the end of the package, you'll have the option to join OGC at a discounted rate as well, so you can seamlessly transition into the club.


We have an award-winning safety record within the British gliding community and are seen as one of the most friendly, relaxed and affordable clubs. From your first day with OGC, you'll be invited to any of our social events and educational talks from the members.


Speak to us today through our contact page, or message us on social media! We look forward to meeting you soon.

Flying Start Package

    • After three months the scheme closes no matter what point the member is in their training.

    • If the member reaches solo standard but chooses not to fly solo, the free flying arrangement terminates but the membership continues until the three month period has been reached.

    • Maximum allowance of twelve (12) winch launches

    • Flights are limited to Oxford Gliding Club's K13 and K21 training aircraft

    • The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable

    • This opportunity is limited to new members only

    • Oxford Gliding club may terminate the agreement and refund the payment at any time, minus the cost of any flights used, and the amount of membership pro-rata.


    Please read the full terms and conditions before purchasing:

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Oxford Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and we fully support the promotion of and participation in the sport of gliding. If you want to fly with us but are concerned about the cost, contact our membership secretary.

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